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"Together, we can bring change and transformation where they're needed most"

Every day, millions of people worldwide are suffering under the grip of mental health. As a company with a strong mission in the personal development, mental well-being, career and relationship field; we understand that one of the number one causes for an unsuccessful and an unbalance life is mostly related or due to mental health.

Based on the cause described above, P&F Dream Builders, inc has developed a special Giving Back program to help and assist people going through mental health conditions.

Not only do we create products and services to stop mental illness on its path, but on most our products and services delivered we donate 10% to 30% of the profit to organizations that are seeking solutions to eliminate mental illnesses.

To help support people who suffer from mental health conditions, feel free to donate to help bring an end to mental health problems, and so we can create more awareness, programs, and other innovative solutions.


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