Our Mission

To help you manifest your personal visions and succeed.

We believe that everybody needs to live a life of freedom, especially a life free from mental illnesses, struggles, poverty, pain, and suffering.

What we do?

We produce books, audio-visual materials to assist you to fulfill your goals. We often share new contents throughours blog posts and videos for a more conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Why us?

P&F dream builders, Inc. is a platform where you can consciously develop yourself and peacefully attend your personal development, mental and emotional health, relationship, career and life’s goal.With our conscious development programs, we arm you with the essentials required to succeed and maintain a well-balanced life.

Who do we serve?

We serve individuals who have the desire, the dream and the willingness to transform their lives for a better life experience now and forever.

What do we sell?

We sell and promote authentic products for transformation, programs, and services that help you a fulfilled, uplifted, richer, motivated, conscious, and healthier life.

Our aims

To be the best place where you can find what you need starting with transformational books, audios, visual materials, and products